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Just started on your Shopify/Dropshipping/e-commerce store and no luck with sales? Need some winning products to sell? on this task we that propels your products to the right audiences in order to boost your chances of making sales!

Find Shopify Winning Products And Instagram Influencers

You get 1 Winning Product (in your niche) backed by empirical indicators and 3 targeted Instagram influencers to advertise with. 

Will you find a product in my niche?

Yes, absolutely. If you haven't selected a niche, we can find a general product as well.

Our strict instagram influencer standards

We will only provide influencers with at least 50,000 genuine, organic followers and an average of 2% engagement rate or above. There are instances of influencers with <2% engagement rate that we will still recommend because they have a massive following (~1,000,000) and reach.

What is your method to finding winning products?

We use a combination of order volume, order traction, market potential, competitor spying and other empirical factors to ensure that the chosen product is current, trending, and are actually selling! It's our own unique formula! :)

Do you guarantee sales from the products you provide?

We don't guarantee sales because ultimately we cannot influencer consumer behaviour. The reports we provide maximizes your chances of a profitable campaign, but it will be the responsibility of the store owner to market their product and generate sales.

Where are the products from?


Why instagram?

  • Over 600 million active users 
  • Quickly and effectively reach highly targeted audience
  • Designed for quick ROI (e.g. 12/24hrs) - Imagine waking up to hundreds/thousands in sales

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